Wealth Dynamics

Why does wealth appear so elusive? Why do some people seem to create wealth so effortlessly, while others struggle just to stand still? Why do so many of us lose money as fast as we make it?

How hard can it be to make a million dollars when globally every hour $4 billion dollars changes hands as goods and services are exchanged for money. – that’s more than one million dollars every second.

Since you began to read this chapter, forty million dollars of new value has been exchanged for cash. Within ten hours, the entire net worth of the World’s richest man will have come and gone. Within a day, the capital value of the World’s largest company will have flowed right by.

How hard can it be to make a million dollars if a million just flew by in that last second?

There is an E-Guide about the money that flows around this planet – and how it flows to some of us more than others. It’s about why some of us attract no more than a trickle, while others have become skilled at carving their own roaring rivers.

This E-Guide introduces the first comprehensive model for the understanding of individual wealth creation. If you want to know why billionaires become billionaires, I believe you will find many answers are included in this E-Guide.

If you want to know what you should do to accelerate your own wealth, read on. Take your time, but don’t take too long. After all, as you read, the world continues to spin by at the rate of a million dollars a second.

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