Wealth Dynamics GeniusU Test

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If you have been invited here as a friend of a friend, you may not be aware of what Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics are. Here’s a one minute primer with links to find out more:

Wealth Dynamics
Wealth Dynamics is the leading entrepreneur profiling test to help you find your flow. Learn more about the eight profiles on the WD site here

Talent Dynamics
Talent Dynamics is the leading the Trust Movement, supporting companies and their teams to build trust and flow. Learn more on the TD site here

In the last year, GeniusU has grown rapidly to become the No.1 online entrepreneur education platform. Learn more on the GeniusU site here

Roger James Hamilton
Roger is the creator of these assessments, founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and a NY Times bestselling author. Learn more about Roger on his site here

Entrepreneurs Institute
Entrepreneurs Institute is the company that manages all of these tests, GeniusU and all our events and mentoring. Learn more at the EI site here

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